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You’re probably on this page right now because you are looking for boiler service in Northampton right? Whether that is repairs or installation for your boiler, here at Northants Plumbing Pros, this is one of the many plumbing services that we offer to the local residents of Northampton! We can fix any underlying issues with your central heating and boiler system, as well as provide fully certified installation services for homeowners and business owners alike. Please do get in touch for a quote and advice on how we can help!

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A Freezing Cold Home Or Work Office

Boilers are of different types like gas, electric, oil and many others. All the different types use different fuel to run and have the different mechanism. But the aim is to keep the indoors warm when the temperature outside is low. It is possible that for some reasons the boilers stop working or get damaged, and this can cause a lot of problems to you and others inside. 

Coping with the cold is very difficult, as you may know, without a fully functioning boiler. Thus, when such a situation occurs you need a plumbing company that provides quality boiler repair and installation services in Northampton.

Boilers in your home or place of business may break down and stop working at any time. If the boiler is an old one, the chances of it needing repair works is a lot higher. There are plenty of plumbers available for repairing, installing and servicing boilers for Northampton residents. 

We are the go to boiler service specialists, and we will not only perform repairs but we will also do regular maintenance as well as brand new boiler installations. So, if you are seeking any any of the above then we definitely have the team and expertise to help you out!

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Boiler Repair & Installation Services in Northampton

There are attractive boilers with the latest technology which are currently available in the market. The two most popular types of boilers are Combi Boilers and conventional Boilers. Combi boilers are created to take care of both water and heating. For smaller homes and for people who want to have hot water in short time, combi boilers are the best choice. It combines an efficient water heater with a central heating boiler. 

For big families and big houses where water requirement is more needed, then a conventional boiler is the ideal choice. In conventional boilers, the heated water is stored in a separate cylinder. 

These boilers have a built-in timer to control room temperature which helps in reducing the bill. Some models have multiple programmes to control the whole system. In addition to servicing and repairs we can help you select the boiler that’s right for you.

The general defects that occur in boilers are losing pressure, leaking, no pilot light, water working will be there but central heating will not be there. Sometimes the heater will work normally but water won’t be there, water temperature may be too high or too low, the air in the system, fans not working, pumps seized, radiators having cold spots, air pressure switches faulty, scaled heat exchanges, motorized valves not working, thermostat faulty, etc. We know boilers inside out and our boiler repair services are the best in Northampton!

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Why You Should Pick Us For Boiler Services:

Accredited Professionals

In the building/service trade, unfortunately there are a lot of rouge/cowboy builders that give us all a bad name. With Northants Plumbing Pros you can be rest assured that we are 100% friendly, certified and professional plumbers!

Great Value For Money

While we are a plumbing business, we offer excellent pricing for all of our services, and we are 100% upfront and transparent about all aspects of the work we do for you. We clearly outline the cost of labour as well as other costs.

Available In Emergencies

We understanding that plumbing issues can come out of the blue. That’s why we do our best to be available out of hours, as well as our standard hours. This ensures that you have a reliable plumber in times of emergency!

Boiler Repairs, Done Right.

We offer heat repair services to hundreds or homeowners and business owners in Northampton, and we are often available out of hours as well in cases of emergencies. We have a team of plumbers who are vastly experienced in the field. 

We carefully diagnose the boiler to understand the problem and provide you with details of all the necessary works, and then we give you the estimate of the entire project. 

We can also offer a guarantee on the job which can give you the peace of mind. Any kind of problem no matter how small or big is taken care of by our plumbers so that you don’t have to suffer in the cold!

There are a lot of reasons why boilers can break down. Our experts have the knowledge and experience that helps them understand the cause of the problem. The technicians are trained and licensed to handle specific boilers according to industry standard, and they have the advanced tools and equipment with them which they carry in their van to repair the boilers accordingly.

Coupled with our experience, we use tools of the highest quality, which is how we ensure that your boiler can run smoothly again without any problem for a long time to come.

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Your boiler has many complicated parts which can get broken or damaged due to various reasons, and it is not always possible for other plumbers to have the knowledge on the different issues. But our technicians have in-depth knowledge of the specific boilers and therefore can find the source of the problem pretty quickly and fix it. We want to offer our boiler repair and installation services for Northampton homeowners and business owners so call us today and let’s talk!

You can rest assured that after we carry out our works, you won’t stay in the cold anymore. The aim is to make sure the device runs again efficiently keeping your home or business premise warm inside. If the problem is much more complicated then our engineers shall explain that clearly, and they will also notify you of the options available if things can’t be solved easily. The specialists offer repair as well as cover for your heating systems. It is possible to get annual service packages from them so that the heating systems run efficiently for a long period of time.

Your boiler may or may not show signs of a problem before breaking down. Low heating level, poor air flow or other problems can be some signs of major failure in the future. Timely repair can not only remove the suffering of the cold, but it can also save it from your boiler from getting damaged even further.

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Boiler Installation for Northampton Locals

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Installing boilers requires years of experience and dedication. Our plumbers here at Northants Plumbing Pros are always pioneering on the newest advancements in plumbing technologies and systems. So when you hire us, you can rest assured that we will install your boiler/central heating systems professionally and without any problems.

Boilers are generally made up of an unification of dynamic parts that help heat the water and distribute heat all over your house. Just as in case of any other thing, these machine parts are exposed to constant wear and tear. Therefore, it’s extremely important to take preventative measures with regular maintenance service. That way, you will be able to locate the exact parts needing repair and mend it before it results in a major breakdown.

One of the most important reasons why you need to have a reputable boiler servicing company in Northampton, is because of carbon monoxide. This gas is more known as a silent killer, and has killed nearly thirty people last year alone. This is an odourless and colourless gas which you might take in unconsciously, but with regular boiler maintenance provided to you by our plumbers, you will be able to know whether there is a leakage and therefore stay safe.

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Time To Fix Or Install That Boiler

For boiler maintenance work, you need to make sure that you select the right plumbers. Your obvious choice would be a company that has accredited and skilled heating engineers and plumbers with a good reputation in Northampton. A lot of people tend to ignore this, but it’s important to check that they are entirely registered and must be registered with the Institute of Plumbing, Heating & Engineering. We have the professionals and expertise for all your plumbing and heating needs, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!

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Problems concerning the water supply, sewage, toilets, and bathrooms can be very disturbing. These should be fixed as soon as possible. If not it will add to your woes. These tasks need professional assistance and expertise. And again, we are your go-to plumbers in Northampton!

Only good experienced and professional plumbers can help you out the right way. We are one of the top plumbing companies and are here to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

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That totally depends on the scale of the project. A simple pipe leak repair, for example, can be done within a few hours, whereas a more intermediate project which requires materials/parts etc can sometimes take a bit longer. We are qualified professionals, so rest assured the standard of work will be top quality, and we won’t rush a project just to move onti the next one!

Yes of course! If you know exactly what needs doing and you know exactly what you need to purchase, then by all means contact us and we will only charge you for our labour. We can also advise on the best quality plumbing supplies if need be.


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